Recycling of your medical equipment and devices

Medical organisations across Melbourne trust us with their Specialised Recycling Services needs for Recycling Medical Equipment and Devices with care and safety.

We recycle everything from scissors, stainless steel and titanium items to beds and pace makers.  Contact us for more information on your recycling needs.

We can also handle all your Computer, IT and eWaste items.

Gregory's Recycling medical equipment and devices recycling


theatre equipment recycling

Theatre Equipment

titanium knee recycling

Titanium Knees

medical IT recycling

Medical IT and eWaste

specialised recycling

Hip Replacement

CT scanner recycling

CT Scanner

wheelchair recycling


impression tray recycling

Metal Impression Trays

eye test equipment recycling

Eye Test Equipment

kidney tray recycling

Kidney Trays

stomatological tray recycling

Stomatological Trays

dental tool recycling

Dental Tools

machinery recycling